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Easy Sustainability reporting Guaranteed

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What first comes to mind when you hear ESG? Probably environmental concerns like climate change and depletion of resources. However, there is more to ESG than E. Social and corporate governance concerns are equally important elements of ESG reporting. Luckily, these topics are easy to report on. They might be difficult to follow up on, […]

Can ammonia be the new carbon free fuel?

Can Ammonia be the new carbon free fuel?

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Could ammonia, what most of us think of as a typical household cleaning agent, be our new sustainable source of carbon-free fuel? a NEMS iNsight by Özlem Yetkinoglu Sobhi Ammonia is a long-known substance and is mentioned in scripts as early as the 13th century by alchemists. It is common in nature both in mother […]

WindPower NEMS iNsight

Listening to the wind of change

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Great news, Equinor and Enova! Looking forward to an exciting offshore wind project in the Tampen area.  But why not go all the way, with a cable connection to shore? You could reduce even more CO2 emissions with maybe less cost per tonnes reduced. The future’s in the air I can feel it everywhere Blowing […]

EU ETS Reporting

EU ETS Reporting Simplified

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Every spring many highly skilled people in companies across Europe settle in behind their desk and start amassing dozens and dozens of spreadsheets. They start looking at their numbers; adding, subtracting, putting all of the spreadsheet formulas they know to the test, all to achieve the best possible results. All of them racing to the […]

Microplastic fish NEMS - Compliant By Nature

A fish fillet with a side-order of Microplastics please

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iNsight by Anette Jæger The sea and oceans are facing a huge challenge with the large amounts of plastics. The European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) has defined microplastics as follows: “Microplastics are synthetic, water-insoluble polymer items smaller than 5 mm, which are considered to be of particular concern for the aquatic environment.” The potential impact of microplastics on […]