Environmental Management

Are you looking for an environmental management software to manage your environmental data? A tool that helps you document your continuous improvements? A tool for your CO2 emissions? Your Carbon footprint? Your OIW compliance? Your EU ETS? Your GRI and CDP reports? Your Climate Benchmarking needs? Let NEMS Accounter help you.

NEMS Accounter® is developed to simplify your environmental compliance work. The environmental management solution will:

  • Provide your carbon footprint
  • Simplify your EU ETS reporting
  • Enable climate benchmarking
  • Provide auditable input to your NOX taxes etc.
  • Give you a complete water balance
  • Track your chemical usage
  • Help you with your waste management

The environmental management solution NEMS Accounter® has a number of clients worldwide. NEMS Accounter® has a reputation for user friendliness. It has been built on a solid foundation of thorough environmental knowledge. We pride ourselves on being able to provide add-ons and changes to our clients needs.

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GHG Management

Accurate and auditable Greenhouse Gas (GHG) data are essential for your emission trading. Learn how to use NEMS Accounter® as your GHG management software.

NEMS Accounter® provides detailed, traceable and auditable GHG emission accounting. Our environmental management software has been through several ISO14001, EMAS and internal audits, all with great success. All features and calculations are ready out of the box for use on your facilities, including EU ETS reporting. NEMS Accounter® covers all your emissions of GHG gases. This includes combustion in flare, engines, turbines, heaters, boilers, test burning and much more. Fugitive emissions, direct emissions, emissions from loading and storage and more are covered in detail. The solution includes emissions from all 6 Kyoto GHG gases.

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Waste Management

Are you looking for a tool for your waste management? Non-hazardous waste, hazardous waste, NORM, nonconformances, European Waste List, several waste contractors, rate of recovery, waste segregation and more are covered by NEMS Accounter®.

We have through the provision of NEMS Accounter® a long experience in helping clients cope with waste management issues. Save yourself time and money by eliminating deviating formats, unit conversions and faulty spreadsheets. Our environmental management software allows all your relevant waste contractors to enter waste information, including consignment notes, into the management solution in a unified format.

Every data entry is logged which ensures data traceability and supports audit activities.

NEMS Accounter® has been used for several years by several clients and is in continual improvement in order to give our customers the flexibility they need to keep up with new legislation or updated internal demands.

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Chemical Management

NEMS is the domain expert on HOCNF and the OSPAR requirements.
NEMS Chemicals® is a chemical management software, designed to handle eco-tox data in the form of Harmonized Offshore Chemical Notification Format (HOCNF).
Simplicity delivered

NEMS Chemicals is delivered as SaaS (Software as a Service). No installation is needed. You will only need access to a modern browser.

As an oil and gas operator using NEMS Chemicals, you will reduce your workload related to preparing discharge applications and reports. For chemical suppliers the solution simplifies and reduces work related to HOCNF documentation.

If you have operations in the North Sea basin, NEMS Chemicals is the solution for environmental documentation of your chemicals.

Competence included

NEMS Chemicals is developed and operated by NEMS and our KPD (Chemical Product Data) Centre. NEMS Chemicals is used for environmental management of offshore chemicals. In NEMS we have more than 25 years of experience with registration and quality assurance of HOCNF data. This experience has given NEMS a unique competence and knowledge about the requirements for an efficient chemical management tool.

A tedious job automated

NEMS Chemicals is designed to register information on chemical products and their substances. This includes physical properties, hazard labelling and eco-toxicological properties (i.e. aquatic toxicity and the potential for bioaccumulation and bio-degradation).

Using NEMS Chemicals ensures automatic controls, and expert user QA of registered data for completeness according to OSPAR HOCNF.  The environmental color code is calculated automatically.

The tool has the possibility to print out complete HOCNF reports, parts of the report, or even a short-version with the most important data summarized in one single page.

Used by suppliers, operators and authorities

Supplier, operator and authorities have access to the same data. This reduces risk through improved communication between the different stakeholders.

The tool includes the possibility to select data from self-made criteria, for instance, products filtered based on usage and environmental properties.

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Let NEMS Accounter® assist you in your chemical management.

NEMS Accounter® is a worldwide market leading environmental accounting and management solution. Our chemical module has proven to be a very useful chemical management tool for our clients. NEMS Accounter® provides an extensive chemical tracking solution. This solution enables you to track chemical use, discharges, reinjection and to follow the fate of the chemicals.

NEMS Accounter® includes country specific modules for chemical handling.

NEMS Accounter® simplifies internal and external reporting. This saves both time and money.

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Corporate Sustainability Reporting

Online corporate sustainability reporting - effortless transformation of data to insight

For independent Oil and Gas operators, who has sustainability reporting obligations, NEMS Panorama is a sustainability reporting solution, that reduces cost. Unlike Excel or generic EHS solutions, NEMS Panorama is developed by oil and gas experts.

The solution is accessed through a regular internet browser. This gives you instant global access for all your users.

NEMS Panorama gives you consistent reporting from all your assets across industries.  With NEMS Panorama you will reduce your efforts with your GRI and CDP reporting. NEMS Panorama will remove the fog cluttering your data, hence making your data consistent and tangible, transparent and traceable.

NEMS Panorama enables easy information sharing with internal and external stakeholders – yet without compromising information security. Our ISO27001 certification always ensures we put security in the front seat. NEMS Panorama makes data analysis, reporting and benchmarking easy. As it should be.

Powerful data analysis

NEMS Panorama comes with a powerful analytical tool box, NEMS Insight. This makes it easy to analyse your sustainability data. Aggregation of vast number of data is done in the blink of an eye. An easy to use graphical drill-down feature enables you to quickly locate the root causes and major sources of your emissions. Thus NEMS Panorama is a powerful tool for transforming your data into insight.

Benchmark your assets

With the analytical tool box benchmarking is easy with NEMS Panorama. You can benchmark your assets in any dimension you like. The results are shown immediately as tables and figures in the graphical user interface.

Transparent, traceable and consistent

NEMS Panorama is compliant with ISO 14001/14031. With local data entry and central reporting, traceability and consistency are ensured. With NEMS Panorama you have, instantaneously, an overview of the reporting status of all your assets.

Easy internal and external reporting

With NEMS Panorama internal and external reporting is made easy. Either by automatic export to other systems, or ad-hoc generation of favourite tables. Any kind of data can easily be exported automatically to other systems through our open API solution.  There is no need for expensive consultancy help to do so.  Data from NEMS Accounter is also automatically exported to NEMS Panorama.

Seeing is believing.  To understand why all our users are so satisfied and impressed about NEMS Panorama book a meeting now.

NEMS Accounter

Environmental Management and Reporting made easy - your first step towards Environmental Excellence

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Awesome Environmental Suite

We offer complete ready to use environmental software solutions made for you.

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Complete control of all your assets, configurable with any standard and regulation.

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Our software follows the highest security standards. Of course we are ISO 27001 certified.

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With over 30 years of experience within Oil & Gas, we have earned the trust of an entire industry.

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Value for money

We deliver cost efficient high value software solutions with no customer lock-in.

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We make software that reduces time-waste and tedious tasks. Anything can be automated.

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NEMS Accounter®

Environmental Management Solution

The answer to complete environmental accounting

NEMS Panorama®

Corporate Sustainability Reporting
Effortless transformation of data to insight

NEMS Chemicals®

Chemical Management Solution
Complete overview of your HOCNF data

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Environmental experts with over 30 years experience

Tailor-made SaaS solution for the Oil and Gas industry

Complete control of your environmental footprint

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