Why NEMS Accounter?

Why NEMS Accounter®?

Emissions reporting software developed by environmental experts for you.

Environmental Management

Are you looking for an emissions reporting software to manage your environmental data? A tool that helps you document your continuous improvements? A tool for your CO2 emissions? Your Carbon footprint? Your OIW compliance? Your EU ETS? Your GRI and CDP reports? Your Climate Benchmarking needs? Let NEMS Accounter help you.

NEMS Accounter® is developed to simplify your environmental compliance work. The environmental management solution will:

  • Provide your carbon footprint
  • Simplify your EU ETS reporting
  • Enable climate benchmarking
  • Provide auditable input to your NOX taxes etc.
  • Give you a complete water balance
  • Track your chemical usage
  • Help you with your waste management

The environmental management solution NEMS Accounter® has a number of clients worldwide. NEMS Accounter® has a reputation for user friendliness. It has been built on a solid foundation of thorough environmental knowledge. We pride ourselves on being able to provide add-ons and changes to our clients needs.

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Total Footprint

Greenhouse gases catch the headlines in the media, but the environmental shadow cast by your business is so much more than emissions to air. NEMS Accounter® offers total environmental accounting.

With NEMS Accounter® you get the complete picture of your:

Emissions to air

  • Covers your emissions from combustion in flares, engines, turbines, boilers, heaters and much more. Compliant with EU ETS requirements and NOX tax requirements
  • Direct emissions, gas venting, fugitive emissions, emissions from storage and loading.
  • Emissions from transportation
  • Gas analysis for any gas stream. Results can automatically be used as input for CO2 emissions
  • Exhaust analysis
  • Electrical energy
  • Incidents


  • Non-hazardous wastes
  • Hazardous wastes
  • Non-conformances
  • Incidents

Chemicals use and discharges

  • Usage and fate of chemicals
  • Environmental hazards
  • Incidents
  • Complies with regulatory requirements for evaluation and follow up for several governmental regimes

Water usage and discharges

  • Produced water, drainage water, displacement water, fresh water, cooling water, ballast water, brown water, jetting and other water
  • Covers throughput, analysis, discharges, solved components, physical properties, correlation matrixes, and more.
  • Fall down from well testing
  • Incidents


  • Analysis of your production streams and functional units
  • Throughput
  • Physical Properties

Drilling activities

  • Gather detailed information on cuttings and mud handling and fates

NEMS Accounter® is a field proven emissions reporting software both offshore and onshore. It is in use for minor sources like offices, helicopters and boats up to large scale hydrocarbon process plants.

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Missing something? The list above is not complete.  We modify NEMS Accounter® continuously. NEMS Accounter® can also be adapted to company specific requirements - all globally available. Contact us for further information.

GHG Management

Accurate and auditable Greenhouse Gas (GHG) data are essential for your emission trading. Use our emissions reporting software NEMS Accounter® as your GHG management software.

NEMS Accounter® provides detailed, traceable and auditable GHG emission accounting. Our emissions reporting software has been through several ISO14001, EMAS and internal audits, all with great success. All features and calculations are ready out of the box for use on your facilities, including EU ETS reporting. NEMS Accounter® covers all your emissions of GHG gases. This includes combustion in flare, engines, turbines, heaters, boilers, test burning and much more. Fugitive emissions, direct emissions, emissions from loading and storage and more are covered in detail. The solution includes emissions from all 6 Kyoto GHG gases.

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Waste Management

Are you looking for a tool for your waste management? Non-hazardous waste, hazardous waste, NORM, nonconformances, European Waste List, several waste contractors, rate of recovery, waste segregation and more are covered by NEMS Accounter®.

We have through the provision of NEMS Accounter® a long experience in helping clients cope with waste management issues. Save yourself time and money by eliminating deviating formats, unit conversions and faulty spreadsheets. Our environmental management software allows all your relevant waste contractors to enter waste information, including consignment notes, into the management solution in a unified format.

Every data entry is logged which ensures data traceability and supports audit activities.

NEMS Accounter® has been used for several years by several clients and is in continual improvement in order to give our customers the flexibility they need to keep up with new legislation or updated internal demands.

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Chemical Management

Let NEMS Accounter® assist you in your chemical management. NEMS is the domain expert on HOCNF and the OSPAR requirements.

NEMS Accounter® is a worldwide market leading environmental accounting and management solution. Our chemical module has proven to be a very useful chemical management tool for our clients. NEMS Accounter® provides an extensive chemical tracking solution. This solution enables you to track chemical use, discharges, reinjection and to follow the fate of the chemicals.

NEMS Accounter® includes country specific modules for chemical handling.

NEMS Accounter® simplifies internal and external reporting. This saves both time and money.

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Please see our NEMS Chemicals® page for more information on HOCNF handling.

User Friendly

NEMS Accounter® is the user friendly emissions reporting software. It is quick to learn and simple to navigate. It is globally available over the internet. Your data and reports are available always and everywhere.

NEMS Accounter® comes equipped with a user friendly graphical interface. Unique on-the-fly one-click reporting ensures the easiest reporting and data aggregation available. The data entry and reporting is self-explanatory, efficient and transparent.

The solution is web based and globally available. Data can be entered manually or automatically. Data can be entered at the office, offshore or by contractors.

NEMS Accounter® integrates with other systems. This reduces manual work and cost. Data exchange can be done through direct access, file export/import or through web services.

A key principle in NEMS Accounter® is local input and central control. Everyone works with the same traceable data. A contractor may enter data directly. This reduces the reporting needs. The data quality will be better. All data entries and changes are logged. This simplifies audits and is a key ISO 14001 requirement.

NEMS Accounter® comes with everything you need to start your environmental reporting. You do not need to set up formulas and models.

Statistics on your data is only a click away when using NEMS Accounter®.

NEMS Accounter® is up and running on the day of purchase. NEMS Accounter® enables you to quickly add new facilities and assets as your business grows. There is no need to use expensive consultants to develop and configure your NEMS Accounter®.

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Simple Cost Structure

NEMS Accounter® is delivered as SaaS (Software as a Service). All features are ready out of the box, and unlimited number of users are included. You only pay for your number of assets.

It should not be difficult to budget your expenses when acquiring an environmental management software. Any cost structure should be transparent and easy to understand. Ours is.

All features are included in the quoted price. If you do not need all, you will be rebated. Need to give new users access? Do not worry about increased cost. Unlimited number of users per asset is included. Moreover, with increasing assets your average cost goes down with each asset.

We do understand that all clients are unique, and we can also give you a special offer on unlimited number of assets per country, region or even a global license.

Capital expenditures? No, only an annual subscription fee.  We do not lock our clients in with relation specific investments. We want you to continue using our solutions due to the value they create for you.

Helpdesk? It is free.

Configuration cost? If your business is similary to our existing clients no bespoke configuration will be needed.

Even though you will be standing on shoulders of giants using our solution, there might be a nice feature you really want. Do not worry. We will quote you a fixed price, and if it is a feature that will benefit many, the cost can be shared among all our clients.


NEMS Accounter® is quick to set up and easy to use. Still it's good to know that our environmental management software is well supported by both software and environmental experts.

Our helpdesk consists of environmental specialists with field experience. And the best thing: It is included in the subscription fee.

We offer free training of users as part of the standard subscription agreements. We also offer extended courses on request.

We also offer services related to environmental reporting and advisory at request.