What you get

Environmental solutions as a service

Our EHS Management software suite is much more than a standard Software as a Service. We offer complete ready to use environmental management solutions for your business. Environmental software solutions made by our environmental experts for you.

Our EHS management software solutions have been key tools for environmental compliance for decades. The solutions are developed in close cooperation with clients operating in some of the most environmentally conscious regions of the world.

More details on our products:

NEMS Panorama

Our solution for corporate environmental reporting. Using NEMS Panorama, you get consistent reporting from all your assets across industries. NEMS Panorama removes the fog cluttering your data, making your data consistent and tangible. Transparent and traceable. NEMS Panorama enables easy information sharing with internal and external stakeholders - without compromising information security.

NEMS Panorama makes reporting, benchmarking and data analysis easy. As it should be.

NEMS Accounter

A web-based online environmental management solution. No installation needed, fully operational from day one, and easily scaled to your growing operations. Continuous software development ensures you invest in a solution that always is compliant with ever-changing demands and requirements.

The dominant environmental management solution in the North Sea region.

NEMS Chemicals

A web-based online chemical management tool ensuring consistent data flow between suppliers, operators and authorities. Ensures your compliance with regards to chemical use and documentation.

The industry standard on the NCS.


The importance of compliance with rules, regulations, standards and promises does not cease. The awareness of compliance also in the environmental domain has grown significantly over the past years.

The focus from the public, NGOs and authorities are ever increasing. Compliance has become ever more essential. NEMS has a long history of delivering core systems for environmental compliance.

Developed with environmental experts
Developed together with customers
Audit ready data handling and reports
Transparency in data entry and calculations
Locking of approved data
Full tracelog of all inputs, edits, and deletions in the system
Easy to use. Fewer user errors
Minimal customization needed. Standardized system
Pre-configured authority reports developed by experts ensures correct reporting
Extensive calculation library reduces risk of user errors
Extensive data drill down capabilities enables powerful audit capabilities
Data consistency is built in
All customers run the same code. Customers stand on the shoulders of giants
Systems has been under the scrutiny of hundreds of ISO 14001 audits, EMAS audits, internal audits, and authority audits in the real world


Our EHS management systems are developed with multiple layers of security. We adhere to the highest standards in both software security, hardware security, personnel security, and location security. We are ISO27001 certified.

Here are a few reasons why your security officer will love our software solutions:

Decades of handling highly sensitive data
2 phase authentication
Enforced password policy
Data access controlled by customer
Role based access control
Accounts are unique and based on least privilege
Full trace log of all changes in the system
Logs are stored and are searchable to facilitate incident investigations and troubleshooting
Secure physical location
All data transfer is encrypted
Automatic web security scanning
Patch management in place
Replication server and back ups inherit the classification, controls and handling procedures of the master data.
Server maintenance according to ITIL processes
A-rating on SSL Report by Qualys SSL Labs
We support TLS 1.2

Customers maintain full ownership to their data. NEMS have no rights to view or use the data to other purposes than assisting the customer if requested.


Highly secure system that does the job it is supposed to is only part of the game. It is also essential to gain the trust of all parties involved. NEMS has worked with highly confidential data for suppliers, operators and authorities on the Norwegian continental shelf for more than 20 years.

Here are a few key elements of how we have created trust in our EHS Management Software:

Decades of handling highly sensitive data
Background check on all personnel
All personnel have social engineering awareness training
All personnel have regular security training
Confidential data handling training for all personnel
Operates under a security framework
Established code of ethics
Organizational and system transparency
Ethical decisions as a foundation of the operations
Informed consent
Ethics trumps earnings in decisions

But the element that creates the most trust is delivering as promised. With passion. Always.

Value for money

Cost of product and total cost of ownership differs a lot with different products. NEMS has delivered high value for money products for decades.

Here are a few reasons why your CFO will love our EHS management software solutions:

  • No customer lock-in capital expenditure, only an annual subscription fee for access to our SaaS solutions
  • Competence included. All systems are built from the perspective of the domain expertise. Libraries, calculations and reports are all made and tested by domain experts and are included in the base delivery
  • Standing on the shoulders of giants. Our solutions have been developed together with some of the largest companies in the world. This is now available for your organization
  • No customer upgrades. Since our solutions are delivered as SaaS, continuous improvements included ensures compliance always, at no additional cost for the customer
  • No hidden “Custom made” costs
  • No internal hosting costs
  • No back up costs. The server, storage, and backups are all handled by NEMS
  • No branching. We do not branch out a customer specific version that is maintained as a standalone installation. Branching increases the total cost for the client and is something we simply do not do
  • Short implementation time. Long implementation time increases the chance of overruns. We deliver ready for use software with all the same features and calculations available for our existing customers on the day the contract is signed

Most importantly, we eat our own dog food. We use our own solutions daily to save time and money.


We make EHS Management software solutions with the purpose to eliminate time consuming and tedious tasks for the EHS experts. As much manual work as possible shall be eliminated.

Here are some of the key elements that make our EHS Management systems efficient:

Web service for automatic import and export of data
Web services for automatic user handling. New users, access right changes, account locking/unlocking, and all other user management can be automated through the API
Data pages developed together with domain experts and customers. Reduces the need for adjust input data
Automation and user friendliness trumps data model. The developers do the hard work so that the customers do not have to
Automatic unit conversions
Integration with authority reporting portals
Multiple features to help automate the input work
All data can be extracted to MS Excel
Fully automated data aggregations
Company specific reports are made on request.