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Sweden crushes Norway in reducing greenhouse gas emissions

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iNsight by Özlem Yetkinoglu Sobhi. Norway and Sweden are unique, yet also notably alike. They have a common cultural heritage, similar language, scores very high in world happiness index, free and high level of education, comprehensive welfare benefits, small population and they both accommodate a challenging climate. Regardless of a thorny past, the two neighboring […]

Revised National Budget Infographic

Revised National Budget Insights 2018

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Every year our team of Environmental Experts work with several of the largest Oil & Gas Operators in Norway. The Operators in the Oil industry need to deliver reports for the authorities related to the Revised National Budget (RNB). We assist them in their forecast of green house gas (GHG) emissions for the coming year […]

Cold Venting and Fugitive Emissions

Cold Venting and Fugitive Emissions – a NEMS study

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Offshore oil and gas production leads to direct emissions of natural gas in the form of methane and NMVOC (Non Methane Volatile Organic Compounds) from several emission sources. Direct emissions through cold venting and fugitive emissions are a major contributor to such emissions. The Norwegian Environment Agency (NEA) engaged NEMS to improve the knowledge of direct […]