About us

About us

With 3 decades of experience with environmental compliancy issues and developing the best environmental software solutions to meet our clients’ needs, we are passionately dedicated to be your preferred partner.
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NEMS has existed in many forms. In the beginning back in 1986 our company was known as Novatech. In 2008 we became a part of the Add Energy Group and our name was add novatech. As of the 24th of September 2018, NEMS AS is owned by Vela Software a part of Constellation Software Inc a Canadian company listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange(TSX). Even though our name has changed, the people have not. We see our clients’ needs are changing. We see the industry is changing. We see the world is changing. And our aim is to be one step ahead.

Since the beginning we have assisted oil and gas operators, chemicals suppliers, authorities and trade associations with environmental advice. We have spearheaded several joint industry projects on emission quantification and national emissions and discharge reporting. Through our advice, the different stakeholders in the oil and gas industry have gained more accurate and consistent means of quantifying and reporting emissions.

Our vast historical record of accomplishments has been vital in our development of the industry’s leading environmental software solutions.

Our team consist of experienced EHS professionals with engineering background and software developers with EHS domain experience. Together with our clients we have created the preferred environmental software solutions compliant with some of the world's strictest environmental regulations. We continuously explore how we can reduce effort and avoid hassle for our clients through improved software solutions. We have done this with passion for simplifying reporting, saving time and reducing risk for our clients.


ISO27001 Certified

Our certificate covers the provision of SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions including software development and implementation of such solutions, including NEMS Accounter, NEMS Panorama and NEMS Chemicals.

Our Information Security Management Policy (ISMS) is as follows:

  • We commit to maintain and continuously improve the established and implemented ISMS.
  • The ISMS will take into account business and statutory, regulatory and contractual security obligations and requirements.
  • Confidentiality of information will be assured.
  • Appropriate access control will be maintained and information will be protected against unauthorized access.
  • We will safeguard the integrity of information related to our NEMS SaaS solutions.
  • Business continuity plans will be produced and maintained to assure availability and uninterrupted access to NEMS SaaS solutions and to counteract the effects of major failures or disasters.
  • Properly fitted information security education, awareness and training will be made available to all employees and contractors involved in NEMS SaaS solutions.
  • All breaches of information security, actual or suspected, shall be reported to, and investigated by the relevant authorities.

ISO 27001 Certificate